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Our center is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm.

We offer full-time and part-time care, as well as preschool only options for 3-4 year olds.

Infants:  Individual Development The day is centered on the individual needs of the child.  Each child is allowed and encouraged to sleep, eat, and play as needed.  Goals are individually set to help each infant reach the next developmental milestone.This program is offered for full time infants only.DSC00886

Younger Toddlers:  Learn through play.  The day is spent with a variety of experiences where the toddler is engaged in playful, multi-sensory, and musical learning.  Reading time, song time, and table time are largely unstructured, but are a regular part of the weekly routine.  Children are encouraged to participate in academic activities, but most of the training at this age is focused on social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, language development, and exploring independence.DSC00950

Older Toddlers/2’s turning 3Introduction to structured learning.  Although the day is still centered around a  large  amount  of  exploratory  and play learning to improve social and motor skills, the children are introduced to brief periods of more structured learning.  Short circle time, story time and table time are scheduled into every day’s experience.  Teaching focuses on shapes and colors, exploring relative science and social topics in their simplest and most concrete forms such as the family, the farm, things that go, and seasons and weather. Children are introduced to letters and numbers. DSC00932

3s Preschool: A more formal approach begins.  Here the child is considered a true preschooler and the day includes an actual preschool setting for the morning time every day. A large portion of the day is still used for play.  The learning time is structured, but multi-faceted.  Table time includes more cognitive activities such as matching and sequencing.  Cutting and pre-writing skills are introduced.  Age appropriate art allows for exploration of new mediums and self expression.DSC00941

4s Preschool:  An introduction to kindergarten.  These classes are specially designed to lay a solid foundation for future learning.  The goals for this age group are to solidify number and letter recognition, form beginning reading skills (including rebus and sight words) with the Letter People curriculum, formally instruct handwriting through the multi sensory curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, and to explore basic science, geography, social skills, health, and math.  Our teachers do a fantastic job at incorporating interesting and energetic presentations of new and familiar concepts.


 Preschool Only Option:  Offers learning time to families who are looking for a solid foundation for future learning, but do not need all-day care. This program includes a morning snack.

3s Preschool: Tuesday, Thursday 9-11:30 am

4s Preschool: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-11:30 am